Hey everyone =)

A few days ago, I was obsessing about the idea of ”perfect” nails, I thought about doing gel nails. So I took out my gel-kit and built up my natural nails with gel, gave them a gel overlay. Didn’t add any acrylic- nail extensions, just wanted to give them more “body”, does that even make sense? Anyways here are before and after pictures =)


These are my natural nails, without anything on. This picture is taken after I buffed them though, so they might look like they’re peeling, but they’re not. Anyways I thought they looked flat. Do you agree?


This is with gel overlay, and they’ve gotten much thicker.



They still look very natural, but with more thickness, and I don’t need to refill them for over 3 weeks. What do you think? Do you see the difference or do you think this was unnecessary?


Anything in your heart?

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