DIY: Summer ready hair without the chemicals!

Summer hair

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Hey everyone =) I hope you’re all as excited as I am for the summer vacation? For that occasion I’ve a got a new summer DIY for you guys! Whop whop hehe

Who doesn’t want lighter and healthier summer hair done with only one natural ingredient and skip all the chemicals that damage our hair? Personally I’d love that, so here goes:  All you need is lemon and a spray-bottle.


Lemon has a natural bleaching effect, but at the same time it doesn’t damage your hair at all, just the opposite really, it nourishes your hair. And the sun has also a bleaching effect on our hair, so if you mix these two you get the process to go much faster.

To do:

1. Squeeze a lemon in a spray-bottle. I’ve got thick hair and one lemon is enough to cover all of it, so you probably don’t more.

2. Spray the lemon juice all over your hair. Don’t worry, it’s not sticky.

3. Enjoy your time in the sun for about 1 hour. ( Remember sunscreen!)

4. Repeat on different days, as many times you need to get the shade you want.

Voila! Hope you guys liked today’s DIY and wish you a great time in the sun ;)


Lazy girl’s/ busy woman’s guide to good looking nails

Hey everyone =) Before I start babbling about nails I just wanted to tell you guys that I’ve finally updated my ”About” page!! So if you want to know more about me just head over there and read on! Heehee


Have you guys noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately? Well I’ve got a new job and I have been working a lot (money money lol), so now I have two jobs and my studies. Which made me find it a little bit of a struggle sometimes to keep my nails looking nice. So I decided to share with you guys some of the tricks I’ve been doing to to keep my nails looking great on my busiest days!

1. Do your cuticles while in the shower. To spare yourself some time, in the end of your shower your cuticles would be very softened, so you just use your opposite hand to push your  cuticles back gently.  You would have your cuticles looking clean without the usual time and effort. 

2. Use a colored basecoat. Because basecoat is an important step and you don’t want to skip it, and most of the basecoats in the market today dry really fast and have a milky or nude-ish  tint. I use a milky colored basecoat, which I think is smart because if I don’t have time for nail polish, my nails would still look well manicured after these two steps. DSC_0008

3. Two minutes before bed. You should always moisturize. In my busy days I just take two minutes of my time before I go to bed, to give my nails an oil massage. What I do is put a drop of oil on each nail and massage in circular motion while pushing the cuticles back. I’m currently using a Sally Hansen oil with vitamin E.

4. Only once or twice a week. Good looking nails are well shaped nails, and you don’t need to file and shape them more than once or twice a week. Even if you take your time doing it, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Ladies, you don’t really need that much time to keep your nails  looking nice! Especially if you use some of these tricks. So what do you think? Btw, are you the lazy or the busy type? I’m the busy one, but I can be quite lazy when I’ve got the time hehe


Monthly favorites: April 14

Hey everyone =)

Time for my April favorites, and I’m really excited to share with you guys what I’ve been loving this month!



Yves Rocher Evidence Perfumed Deodorant: My favorite perfume of all time is fro Yves Rocher and it’s called Evidence, so the last time on their page and saw this deodorant from the same series I thought ”I have to have it”. But I don’t normally use spray deodorants so I use it as a body spray instead, and I love how it smells.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: This product is great as a cleanser, toner, and make up freshener. I find that it really minimizes my pores, controls the sebum on my face, and makes my skin look more refined. What more can a girl with oily skin ask for?

Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Lotion: I having been using it before bed the last two weeks, and I really like it. It’s thin formula so it gets absorbed into the skin very fast, and it makes my nails stronger.


Monki sunglasses: The sun is here again! It was time to get new sunglasses, and these were the chosen ones for me.

Revlon Lipgloss:  This lipgloss is called, Life’s a peach, and it’s number 110. It’s coral color  which is for me a perfect spring/summer color, and it isn’t sticky at all.


Beauties Factory eyeshadow/Blush: When I order from Beauties Factories on ebay, I only ordered nail stuff from their shop, I usually get a gift, and this blush/eyeshadow was one of these gifts. It’s a great coral-rosy shade with subtle shine, makes your face glow. This has also become part of my make up routine.


Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow:  This palette is called Peach Combination, no.2. I have had it for a long time, but didn’t start using until recently, now it’s become part of my daily rutine. I don’t only use it for the eyes, but also as a highlighter on my face or use the brown shade to contour my face, very multi-use product! See swatches below

What are your April favorites? I would love to know as I’m always looking for new things =)


Gel overlay

Hey everyone =)

A few days ago, I was obsessing about the idea of ”perfect” nails, I thought about doing gel nails. So I took out my gel-kit and built up my natural nails with gel, gave them a gel overlay. Didn’t add any acrylic- nail extensions, just wanted to give them more “body”, does that even make sense? Anyways here are before and after pictures =)


These are my natural nails, without anything on. This picture is taken after I buffed them though, so they might look like they’re peeling, but they’re not. Anyways I thought they looked flat. Do you agree?


This is with gel overlay, and they’ve gotten much thicker.



They still look very natural, but with more thickness, and I don’t need to refill them for over 3 weeks. What do you think? Do you see the difference or do you think this was unnecessary?


DIY: The best bodyscrub ever!

Hey everyone =)

I think I have made the best bodyscrub ever! It helps fight cellulite, tightens your skin, moisturizes, and gives you a sun kissed glow! The great thing is, it’s super easy to make and you only need 2 ingredients.


The ingredients are ground coffee (Filter coffee) and olive-oil.

The coffee helps fight cellulite and tightens your body, because the caffeine in the coffee dilates blood vessels, and . Another thing is that caffeine reduces water retention, which again helps smooth away the cellulite. Coffee also contains antioxidants which helps release toxins, and just gives you great and healthy skin.

If you mix it with olive oil, you’ll get the perfect sun-kissed glow, because both of them help give you a tanned-tint. Plus olive oil also moisturizes your skin, so in all in all you get rid of the ashy winter skin that haven’t seen the sun in a few months.


I’m a big coffee drinker, so I just took out my coffee filter with the coffee in it, after I made coffee this morning; hence the ugly looking coffee filter in the picture. But you could of course use fresh ground coffee, if you prefer that. Some even say that you’ll get more effect if the coffee is fresh, because then it hasn’t lost any of it’s caffeine or antioxidants.


I used a glass jar to mix it, first added the coffee and then covered it with olive oil. I added a little more olive oil than I need, probably because I got too excited.. But you only add as much as you like. I really think it’s preference thing to be honest.

I used it while I was showering, after I had finished washing my hair and face, it was basically  the last thing I did in the shower. Scrubbed my body for about 4 minutes and then rinsed with water, and padded myself dry with a towel.


Please let me know what you think about it, if you try it. Hope you liked today’s post =)