Hey everyone =) It was such a great lightning in my room today, I took so many pictures and didn’t have to edit them more than cropping and putting the blog’s name.  Anyways here comes the swatches of another Giddydesign frankenpolish, this one is called Emotionwizard. The shade is a mix of grey and green I think, and of course lots of glitter! All the pictures are taken with three coats.


This nail polish was even more sheer than the previous Giddypolishes.  It’s one very pretty nail polish, and looks really beautiful on, I couldn’t stop looking at may nails while I had it on.



As I said earlier there’s loads of glitter, just look at the bottom of this bottle! Amazing! You’ll have to shake it good before applying though.


You can buy it HERE . The girl who makes these Giddypolishes is she a great nail artist, you have to chech out her store and search her up on IG! If you haven’t seen the other Giddypolishes I have swatched, then you can see them Here ,  Here  and Here .

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Hey everyone =)

Have you seen Fairy Tears in a bottle? I have! It’s another nail polish from Giddydesign, a Frankenpolish, sold on etsy. All pictures were taken with three coats, but I should also mention that I always apply thin coats.


The colors remind me of a beautiful winter sky.



If you haven’t seen the other Giddypolishes I have swatched, then you can see them Here and Here. Hope you guys liked today’s post, because there’s another Giddypolish coming this week 😉


Ps. You can buy it HERE . Go chech out her store and search her up on IG, she’s a great nail artist!

Hey everyone =) Fall has started, and the leaves are turning orange and falling. Let your scented candles burn and drink hot drinks!


I actually got a few compliments on my nails while wearing these nail polishes, which surprised me, because I wasn’t really sure about this nail polish combo. I guess it does suit the Fall mood and colors.


It’s gotten really cold outside, and I hadn’t been wearing gloves so you can notice how dry my cuticles look, not pretty!


The nail polishes used were MaxFactor in Soft Toffee and IsaDora in China Empress. China Empress is a mix of gold, bronze and silver glitter, it’s from the China collection, that’s a China-inspired collection. It’s really lovely and versatile, and could probably turn many of my nail polishes into ”Fall-ready”, just by applying it a top coat. The bonus is that it’s Hypo-allergenic formula.

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Hey everyone =)

I was cleaning my makeup and found out that I’ve really many products that are all used up or has a tiny bit left, that take so much space and decided to through it all out. But I thought I’d blog about it first (of course lol). I’ve always just thrown out my empties without blogging about them, but maybe you guys would like to see what I would re-purchase and what not? Leave a comment below if you’d like to see more empties! =) 


I should write small reviews on all these products and what I would repurchase, but I won’t do it this time. Because most of them are used up a long time ago, and I might not remember exactly how much I liked that product. Have you used any of these products?


Hey Everyone =)

Here are the swatches of my first Chanel nail polish, Yes I’m very excited about it lol. It’s a dark misty blue shade, very classic and elegant in my opinion. What do you think?




I’m predicting this nail polish will be on the top of my favorite Fall nail polishes -list this year =P Hope you guys liked it, leave a comment below of what’re thinking!

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