DIY: The best bodyscrub ever!

Hey everyone =)

I think I have made the best bodyscrub ever! It helps fight cellulite, tightens your skin, moisturizes, and gives you a sun kissed glow! The great thing is, it’s super easy to make and you only need 2 ingredients.


The ingredients are ground coffee (Filter coffee) and olive-oil.

The coffee helps fight cellulite and tightens your body, because the caffeine in the coffee dilates blood vessels, and . Another thing is that caffeine reduces water retention, which again helps smooth away the cellulite. Coffee also contains antioxidants which helps release toxins, and just gives you great and healthy skin.

If you mix it with olive oil, you’ll get the perfect sun-kissed glow, because both of them help give you a tanned-tint. Plus olive oil also moisturizes your skin, so in all in all you get rid of the ashy winter skin that haven’t seen the sun in a few months.


I’m a big coffee drinker, so I just took out my coffee filter with the coffee in it, after I made coffee this morning; hence the ugly looking coffee filter in the picture. But you could of course use fresh ground coffee, if you prefer that. Some even say that you’ll get more effect if the coffee is fresh, because then it hasn’t lost any of it’s caffeine or antioxidants.


I used a glass jar to mix it, first added the coffee and then covered it with olive oil. I added a little more olive oil than I need, probably because I got too excited.. But you only add as much as you like. I really think it’s preference thing to be honest.

I used it while I was showering, after I had finished washing my hair and face, it was basically  the last thing I did in the shower. Scrubbed my body for about 4 minutes and then rinsed with water, and padded myself dry with a towel.


Please let me know what you think about it, if you try it. Hope you liked today’s post =)



Review: Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur

Hey guys =)

You may have seen this product on the tv recently, there was a commercial for it, long time ago. I’m talking about the Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur primer.  I bought it almost a month ago, and now I decided it was time to do a review on it.

DSC_0326 (edited)

This primer is described as a smoothing perfecting primer, for an optical effect. The application is easy, you just have to first shake the tube, and then  apply it after your day cream. It’s supposed to work after only 5 Seconds, but I have a habit of waiting for a couple of minutes after applying my primer. Although you can actually see the blur right after you apply it! So I guess the blur they’re talking about is not a bluff.

DSC_0327 (edited)

It has a mousse formula, not like any primer I have used before, but after you apply it feels like it’s silicon based. It’s very light on the skin, feels almost like nothing and you only need a pea-size of the product to cover your face. I also think the packaging is pretty cute, which is always a great bonus.

I have very oily skin, especially since the weather is getting warmer and the sun is out often, so I always tends to use primer in the spring and summer time. I noticed that this primer actually made my skin less shiny and kept it that way till I got home after a day out. In my opinion it works great as a primer, it could in fact be compared to the famous Smashbox Photofinish primer! And it costs much less than most primers. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that since it’s a mousse formula you get less product in the tube than you think.

Have you tried this primer? What do you think?


Easter nails

Hey everyone =)

Easter holiday is here, so there must be some Easter nails on the blog! They turned out as a kind of mix & match, because every nail has a different design. Everything is hand-painted, and I actually used velvet powder on my long finger, to make the little chick look fluffy.


Then I changed my mind and added pink on the bunny ears ( btw aren’t she such a cutie?) and a matte top coat on all the nails, because I thought it would look better. Also I honestly didn’t like how the green turned out with these orange dots, in my head it looked nicer, but I obviously didn’t dislike it enough to change it. Or maybe I was just lazy?


What do you think? Hope you guys liked today’s post =)


THE nails for every occasion!

Hey everyone =)

You know how sometimes you get unsure about the right nails to do for the occasion? Be it  a job interview, funeral, wedding or just not sure what nails go with your outfit? These are my THE nails for every occasion, they can’t fail no matter where, when or what! Just clean, sheer mani that gives your nails a sophisticated look, and it could match anything, exactly like a little black dress would. Or so I think.. 


Take your time while cleaning your cuticles and shaping your nails, and then pick a sheer nail polish; beige, white or pink. I went with the sheer white nail polish this time. Add two coats and then finish it with a top coat and nail oil massage when they’ve dried. A tip to make your nails match any occasion, is that they would have to (Preferably) be on the short side.

I usually do my nails the night before, because nails needs lots of waiting, and I’m the type of girl who runs around getting ready…


Do you agree these can be the nails for any occasion? Hope you liked today’s post =)


Loreal 7 in 1 Saviour: Review

Hey everyone =)

DSC_0305 (edited)

I have been trying this 7 in 1  product for almost a month and thought it was about time that you get a review on it, because I liked it so much.  It’s from the Loreal nail care collection, there are about five nail care polishes in this collection, but I was kinda seduced by the idea of getting 7 in 1, so I bought just this bottle. I mean come on who wouldn’t choose 1 in 1 over 7 in 1, like duh! LOL

Anyways to the actual review now. It’s for damaged nails, and the 7 in this bottle are:

1. Stronger

2. Reinforced

3. Resurfaced

4. Less split

5. Less brittle

6. Less peeled

7. Less ridged

I had yellow nails, and they were starting to get weak and they peeled off, because of the amount of nail polish and nail polish removers they have to go through all time. I got this product and had little faith in it to be honest, because I thought it sounded just so commercial. But it really works guys!! After 14 days of using it, my nails got whiter, stronger, no peeling and they grew faster!

Picture source  Picture Source

I use it as my nail polish base, and sometimes I just use it on its own, it gives my nails that clean polished nude look. So I would actually call it a Saviour to my nails, but would I say that it has all 7 miracles? No. You know why? Because really four of this things they mention, are the same thing, they just renamed it and suddenly it had 7 instead of in reality it had only 3-4. Bottom line, it works great as a base and it would be nice to make it part of your mani-routine.

Have you tried this product? Do you think I should make more reviews? Hope you liked this one =)